Awatere: A Soldiers Story Arapeta Awatere

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498 pages


Awatere: A Soldiers Story  by  Arapeta Awatere

Awatere: A Soldiers Story by Arapeta Awatere
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 498 pages | ISBN: 9781877283819 | 4.57 Mb

Picked this up last year when in New Zealand and just got around to finishing it. As Im writing/doing research on indigenous participation in the world wars, this is an excellent source. Its a microcosm of NZ history. As the book summary says, this was a man who led the 28th battalion (made up of Maori soldiers), became a community leader after the war but died in prison as a convicted murderer. The book includes his autobiography, various poems he wrote and essays.From the reading, Awatere was a man who sought to (re)make the world--through his life, he continued to fight for social change and recognition of Maoris.

He was not what wed call a nice man but he was a man who tried to make a place for himself in a country (and at a time) when people like him were deemed inferior to society. Yes, this is a sympathetic review but the book is an autobiography-its more about him in his words rather than an external viewpoint on his life and motivations. An excellent read, not just because there are very (very!) few books by indigenous participants in either WWI or WWII.

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